3D Virtual Floor Plan

The Power of 3D Virtual Floor Plan

The 2D and 3D floor plan shows the relationship between spaces, rooms and structure of the premise. Dimensions are drawn to scale to specify room sizes and may include crucial fixtures and fittings such as staircase, heaters, air conditioners, etc.

However, with the 3D floor plan, it helps one to better visualise the design of the space, almost as if bringing the static 2D blueprint to life.

Why 3D Floor Plans?


They are easier to understand and visualise, allowing a better idea for planning for the construction of the premise.


The home can be rendered from many angles, enabling you to see the overall space. With fixtures and fittings in place, there is better idea of the positioning and dimensions of the area.


Enhanced with colours and furnitures, there is vibrancy in the delivery, allowing better communication of the drawings for visual and non-visual individuals.


Not everyone understands what a box or cross means on a static 2D drawings. The 3D plan shows the entry and exit doors, and window locations, allowing better appreciation of the plan.

3D/ 360 Virtual Tours

The 3D floor plan can be incorporated into the virtual tour, allowing one to hover their mouse to the desired room they wish to preview. The virtual 3D floor plan allows for greater interaction and navigation during the virtual tour. 

A detailed floor plan can also be launched before the virtual tour, giving a brief overview of the space they are about to preview. 

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Winning Businesses with 3D Interactive Virtual Tour


Attract buyers early and step up your marketing efforts post-construction.


Allow your customers to visualise and help them see what you see.


Market your luxurious rooms and enhance guest experiences.


Facilitate better engagements during the planning and continue to engage post-event.


Have your shop open 24/7 and continue to engage customers even after opening hours.


Reach out to more international students and bring them around your campus.


Depending on your requirements, we create basic to complex floor plans that serves the need of your industry.

If you are in the real estate and construction space, the 3D virtual floor plan is suitable for advertising and marketing campaigns. The small details give the added competitive advantage and play a huge part in interacting with prospective clients. With better visualisation of the rooms, textures and colours, will help prospective buyers make better decisions. They have a clearer picture of what they are buying into, bringing them closer to a buying decision.

Still stuck in 2D?
Let 3D Meshbox bring your 2D to life. All you need is your 2D floor plan and we will do the rest.