Google Virtual Tour

Google Virtual Tours

Google Virtual Tours (also known as Google business View or Google Street View) are official Google contents that utilises the ‘Street View’ technology of Google Maps which allows prospective customers to visualise the space of a business. Its interactive contents help customer experience and engage each location on a deeper level.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Because you help prospective guests and patrons visualise the entire space better, this also enhances trust with customers and your business profile on Google Maps/ search.

Survey Findings of having a Google Virtual Tour

In a survey conducted by Google,

  • 2 in 3 consumers looked for local business information on map sites.

  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping sites or applications 44% of the time

  • On average, 41% of these places searches result in an on-site visit

  • Listing with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest


While local business hours and location are pivotal, consumers look at the store photos and virtual tours in deciding if they should pay a visit to the place. According to the research, listing with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest and prompt in-store visits.

The Benefits of having a Google Virtual Tour

These are a few benefits why local businesses should have a virtual tour for their stores:


Choosing the right restaurant, café or retail outlet is hard. By having a high-quality, professional virtual tour, you help build trust with strangers and customers, even before they set foot to your store. These immersive, virtual experiences help customers experience your location, which inspires greater confidence on a deeper level.


When optimised, your Google local page not only shows up over your competition, but it also allows visitors to take a tour straight from Google searches. The virtual tour is not limited to the desktop, but also viewable via the tablets and mobile, increasing its exposure to prospective guest and patrons.


With the interactive virtual tour, we are able to help you incorporate pop-ups as customers navigate the surroundings. As they move room to rooms, you are able to share the description of your business, and how certain areas serve a unique function for your patrons. This helps enhance interaction and build valued trust with your prospective customers.


Today, you would have realised the importance of being able to be searched and found online. Google Street Virtual Tours improve your appearance online in natural search results. Outshine your competitors.


Google virtual tours allow you to showcase your business 24/7. This makes it convenient for your customers to view your business listings which increases the click-through rates from Google search results to your Google+ local page or business website. This increases bookings, sales and revenue to your business.

Winning Businesses with 3D Interactive Virtual Tour

A variety of businesses use the virtual tours (Google Virtual Tours, 360 Virtual Tours or 3D Virtual Tours) to build their business. Among some of them are:


Attract buyers early and step up your marketing efforts post-construction.


Allow your customers to visualise and help them see what you see.


Market your luxurious rooms and enhance guest experiences.


Facilitate better engagements during the planning and continue to engage post-event.


Have your shop open 24/7 and continue to engage customers even after opening hours.


Reach out to more international students and bring them around your campus.

• Retail (Salon/ Barber, Florist, Clothing, etc.) • Food & Beverages (F&B) (Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants) • Vacation Rentals • Hotels, Resorts & Casinos • Museums • Places of Interest/ Historic places/ Heritage sites • School campuses • Tourism destinations • Facilities • Event spaces/ venues • Landmarks • Sport stadiums and Complexes • Parks, nature reserves or areas of natural beauty

By allowing visitors to experience and interact with your business, they come to you with an idea of what your business is like, before they set foot through your store.

Difference between the 3D virtual Tour and Google Virtual Tour

The 3D virtual tour is a technique incorporating high-level technology and 3D model rendering which helps showcases ideas and developments before the space is even built. This is ideal for developers or industries needing to showcase their product supplies, residential or commercial spaces. With an appealing online tour, businesses can convey their initial concepts to prospective customers confidently and help them envision the space better.

The Google virtual tour, on the other hand, leverages Google Street View technology to take an existing physical space.


Being Google’s trusted partner, we specialise in virtual tours (Google Virtual Tour, 3D Virtual Tour and 360 Virtual Tour) and photography services.

Our specialised technology, video & editing skillsets and equipment help hoteliers, retailers, schools, event spaces and commercial & residential agents develop high-quality and beautiful images for prospective customers and patrons.

Be on your way to opening digital doors and welcoming prospective patrons and guests, who will like to come in and take a look at your venue!

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