Hotel Virtual Tour

With the advent of sharing-economy disruptors such as Airbnb, consumers are finding alternative accommodation for their overseas trip.

In this day and age, price and location are no longer the top factor why people are choosing a particular accommodation. Criteria such as experience, reviews & testimonials, and aesthetics are becoming more important as travelers decides their accommodation. How can hoteliers stay relevant and win sales?

Improve Occupancy Rates

Hoteliers can shape the guest experiences from the on-start of a consumer’s buying journey by managing their expectations.


80% of travelers start their search online. By having a virtual tour, it improves your online rankings on search results and ensure your website is predominantly featured. Travelers also spend a longer time on your website, giving more opportunity for engagement. This translate to better conversions and bookings.


Everyday, we are bombarded with newsfeed and social sharing on our social media pages. Posts with informative and interesting contents pique our interest to find out more. Amidst the crowded news, how can hoteliers generate interactive contents to engage potential travelers?


We know how negative reviews adversely affect a company’s reputation. The virtual tour is usually taken on an actual premise. This shapes a traveler’s expectation, which leads to a satisfactory experience. The virtual tour helps one to make a confirmation on a hotel with confidence and certainty.


68% of travelers say an attractive picture is of paramount importance when choosing a hotel. High-quality interactive tours allow guests to explore your hotel at their own pace, at the comfort of their home and experience your location as if they were there in person. Hotels with virtual tours on their website experiences 48% more bookings and 166% more conversions.


Individuals and businesses reach out to hoteliers for various purposes. It could be for a wedding or private function for individuals, and conference/ seminars for businesses. Interactive virtual tours allow people to explore amenities and facilities of the hotels, and help prospective visitors visualise the event spaces and meeting rooms with better accuracy. A static 2D image does not help establish the same feel as what a virtual tour would be able to provide.


Instead of a static booth promoting activities outside hotels, a ‘virtual area’ at hotel receptions showcasing the various activities allow guests to better visualise an experience. It helps set a better expectation so guests know what they are in for. This helps promote the tour better, hence increasing tour revenues for hoteliers.


The virtual tours is established on the website 24/7. This online presence means your hotel is ‘always open’ 24-hour around the clock, hence allowing viewership, anywhere. With faster internet speed, mobile and internet usage, travelers rely heavily on web-based research to help them find a suitable accommodation. Virtual tours help showcase facilities and amenities accurately, boosting certainty and confidence for visitors. This inversely builds the Company’s reputation and shed professional light on the business.


Do you want your products to be truly experienced and interacted all over the web, hand-held devices and on VR/AR headsets?

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