Virtual Display Home

What is a virtual home?

A virtual home brings the traditional display home experience to your doorstep, with the latest technology that allows you to truly immerse in beautiful home designs even before the construction of the home. When the construction is completed, you can also preview the showroom from the comfort of your home, without having to be physically present. 


The new power tool for real estate agents, builders and developers

Virtual display homes engage customers on a deeper level and help them visualize the space more accurately, bringing them closer to a buying decision. Developers who believe in this technology will see their revenues multiply, as they reach new markets with new designs, coupled with photo-realistic 3D graphics, dynamic effects, and interactive selections such as walls, tiles, fixtures & fittings that are sure to wow & captivate potential prospects.

The Benefits of a Virtual Display Home


Live interactive selections such as changing the fixtures & fittings, tiles, walls allows prospective clients to feel as if they have already ‘own’ the home. Not only the virtual display home allows buyers to better visualise the space but also gives them an idea to how to better utilise the available area. Because you have the ability to engage customers on a deeper level, your technology leaves an impression and bring buyers closer to a buying decision.


Convey your early designs and help garner early commitments for the project. Because buyers can see the showroom before construction, they are able to visualise and grasp a better understanding of the space. With early interest, you can then continue to engage them on their buyer’s journey, targeting and focusing on the right buyers, of genuine interest.


The power of digital marketing for developers and real estate agents is limitless. The virtual display homes can be embedded on your property site, and accessible via desktop, mobile or VR headsets. You can reach a wider audience through powerful and engaging contents, engaging them at every step of the buying journey.


The contents created belongs to you. This virtual display homes becomes future proof, powerful portfolios and asset for new projects. You also differentiate your Company as one that’s also modern and forward looking; to bring better value and engagement with customers.


You are able to get early feedback from customers. Some of these feedback may be invaluable in the development of the property. This also build trust, engagements and loyalty from prospective buyers.

The Process


Capture your 2D designs

To grasp a better understanding of your location, we will take your existing 2D plans, BIM models and pictures. These imageries will be used for 3D photo-realisitic modelling.

Photo-realistic 3D modelling

We have a specialised team of experts and propriertary software to develop the 3D contents for interactive features.

Add custom interactive features

We add powerful interactive features into the virtual tour, allowing for customisation and selections as users navigate around the location.

Winning Businesses with 3D Interactive Virtual Tour


Attract buyers early and step up your marketing efforts post-construction.


Allow your customers to visualise and help them see what you see.


Market your luxurious rooms and enhance guest experiences.


Facilitate better engagements during the planning and continue to engage post-event.


Have your shop open 24/7 and continue to engage customers even after opening hours.


Reach out to more international students and bring them around your campus.


The management hails from an architectural and developer background – we understand your design pain-points and development processes.

Our development team possesses a diverse and advanced skill set including computer-generated imagery (CGI), game and software development, architectural visualisation, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) application development, animation, cinematic production and web development

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